Whapweasel at Towersey 2022

These are the dances I called in my ceilidh with Whapweasel at Towersey Festival 2022. A few people asked for the names of dances they didn’t recognise, so here’s the list! If you know the origin/name of some of these, please let me know.

Country Bumpkin – by Michael Barraclough

Balance The Star – from the McLain family

The Rifleman – trad.

Flowers Of Chirk – by Pat Shaw (adapted slightly)

Atlantic Hornpipe – origin unknown

Cornish Six Hand Reel – by John Searle

Sicilian Circle Waltz – a cross between Waltz Country Dance and Circle Waltz – origin and real name unknown!

Hazel’s Jig – by Tony Slinger

Regency Hornpipe – a fantastic variation of Nottingham Swing, by Eddie Upton

Muffin Man Jig – origin unknown

Thady You Gander – from the Community Dance Manual

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