ALISON ROWLEY is a professional musician, music teacher, workshop leader and traditional dance caller with a Music degree from the University of Cambridge

PERFORMING   Alison is a confident folk fiddle player, performing in ceilidh bands across the South West including Bristol Ceilidh Quartet, and at private functions as a solo violinist. She is also a highly experienced ceilidh caller who has worked with many renowned bands.

TEACHING   Alison teaches violin, fiddle and piano to private students across Bristol. She is the current Musical Director of the Brigstowe Village Band, and a tutor at Halsway Manor‘s action-packed Family Folk Week.

COMPOSING   Alison was a Creative Artist in Residence at Cecil Sharp House in 2013, composing an orchestral fantasia of Cotswold morris tunes from the repertoire of the now-defunct Beaux Of London City, entitled Morris Monday. She also writes new folk tunes.

Alison is currently the Dance Programmer at Towersey Festival, choosing ceilidh bands and callers for an action-packed weekend that includes 24 hours of ceilidh! If you’d like to be considered, please get in touch.

You can follow Alison on instagram @alisoninbristol for photos and videos of her adventures.