Gig Diary

(Public performances listed inĀ bold)


Friday 28th July – Licence To Ceilidh

Saturday 29th July – Bowreed ceilidh

Sunday 30th July – klezmer ceilidh

Friday 4th August – Sidmouth Folk Festivalmore info here

Calling for New Bees

Saturday 5th to Friday 11th August – Tutor for Family Folk Week at Halsway Manor book here

Saturday 12th August – Antler Ceilidh Band

Sunday 13th August – Antler Ceilidh Band

Tuesday 15th & Wednesday 16th August – Broadstairs Folk Weekbook here

Calling for Rejigged Ceilidh Band & The Tonic, and playing fiddle in Crowdy-Kit

Saturday 19th August – Licence To Ceilidh

Friday 25th to Monday 28th August – Towersey Festivalbook here

Calling for Granny’s Attic, playing fiddle in Crowdy-Kit, and leading maypole dance workshops

Saturday 2nd September – Bowreed ceilidh

Saturday 9th September – Bowreed ceilidh

Saturday 16th September – Antler Ceilidh Band

Thursday 21st September – Lilting Banshees at Seamus O’Donnell’s

Saturday 23rd September – Cunning Plan Ceilidh Band

Friday 29th September – solo ceilidh

Thursday 19th October – Lilting Banshees at Seamus O’Donnell’s

Friday 20th October – Calling for Granny’s Attic at Knees Up Cecil Sharpbook here

Saturday 21st October – Quicksilver

Sunday 22nd October – music workshop for Brigstowe Village Band

Saturday 28th October – Licence To Ceilidh

Saturday 11th November – Antler Ceilidh Band

Thursday 16th November – Lilting Banshees at Seamus O’Donnell’s

Saturday 18th November – Bristol Violinist performance

Saturday 2nd December – calling for Out Of Hand, private event

Sunday 10th December – concert with Brigstowe Village Band

Monday 11th to Friday 15th December – Tutor for Festive Music Retreat at Halsway Manorbook here


Monday 26th February – concert with Brigstowe Village Band

Thursday 2nd May – school maypole dance workshop

4th-6th May – Maypole dance workshops at National Trust Stourhead

Thursday 1st August – Antler Ceilidh Band