Third Time Lucky

A ceilidh dance by Alison Rowley, written in 2019.

Music: 32 bar jigs or polkas (not too slow)

Formation: couples in a big circle holding hands, mixer, make sure you know which side you’re standing on in your pair.

A1. Circle left (8 beats); balance/jump&kick four times (8 beats)

A2. Circle right (8 beats); balance/jump&kick four times (8 beats)

B1. Do-si-do your partner (right shoulder) (8 beats)

Hold right hands with your partner: balance forward and back (4 beats)

Chain around the big circle (4 beats): right hand to your partner (‘person number 1’), and left hand to the next person (‘person number 2’); finish facing person number 3

B2. When you reach person ‘number 3’, do a do-si-do with them (passing right shoulder) (8 beats) then swing (8 beats). This is your new partner!

End on the correct side, ready to circle left.

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