Scottish Ceilidh Dances

These are the dances I call most often at weddings with a large Scottish contingent!

  • Circassian Circle (circle dance)
  • Gay Gordons (couple dance)
  • Flying Scotsman (longways)
  • Dashing White Sergeant (sicilian circle)
  • Virginia Reel (longways)
  • Canadian Barn Dance (couple dance)
  • Cumberland Reel (longways)
  • Military Two Step (couple dance)
  • Cumberland Square Eight (square)
  • Riverside Jig (longways)
  • St Bernard’s Waltz (couple dance)
  • Orcadian Strip The Willow (longways)

I can include Eightsome Reel and other reeling dances (such as Reel Of The 51st) if requested in advance but those are not suitable for beginners!

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