Scatter The Seeds

A ceilidh dance by Alison Rowley, written in 2022.

Music: 48 bar jigs or fast reels

Formation: Longways sets of 4 couples

A1. Line 1 thread the needle (16 beats)

A2. Line 2 thread the needle (16 beats)

B1. Right arm turn your partner (8 beats); left arm turn your partner (8 beats)

B2. 1st couple gallop down (8 beats); 1st couple lead up (separately) behind their own line to the top WHILE 2nd couple gallop down (8 beats)

C1 & C2. Double cast from the top of the set, alternating directions: 1st couple cast to the left, next couple cast to the right, etc. 1st couple make an arch at the bottom, and other couples lead up through the arch. Swing your partner if time. (32 counts)

Start positions: 1 2 3 4. End positions: 3 4 2 1. Dance it four times to return to 1 2 3 4!

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