Out Of Hand at Ruff Ceilidhs 2023

Here’s my set list for Ruff Ceilidhs with Out Of Hand on 20th May 2023.

Another Tea Party – my adaptation of Boston Tea Party

Big Fish Square – my adaptation of Holmfirth Square

Regency Hornpipe – by Eddie Upton

La Chapelloise

Hazel’s Jig – by Tony Slinger

Solent Waves – by Peter Atkinson – I found this in a book of Hampshire dances during the 2023 Halsway Manor Open House

Riverside Jig – adapted


The Flowers Of Chirk – by Pat Shaw

Balance The Star – adapted

The New Mrs Arrowsmith – by Gordon Potts

Scatter The Seeds – by Alison Rowley

Muffin Man Jig

St Bernard’s Waltz

Cornish Six Hand Reel

Thady You Gander – from the Community Dance Manual

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