Ceilidh Dances For Children

At events with a high proportion of very young dancers, it’s a good idea to choose dances with simple and fun figures that don’t require the dancers to move anywhere complicated! I like to include plenty of clapping, galloping and sound effects!

Balance The Star – with do-si-dos and arches in the second half, not gateposts

Borrowdale Exchange – with optional partner swapping

Circassian Circle Рcan be done in 3s so that everyone is included; opportunity for cheering in the first couple of figures

Cumberland Square Eight – replace the baskets with circles

Falling Masonry – lots of galloping!

Flying Scotsman – with train noises! And I often replace the last figure with the opportunity for everyone to freestyle.

Pat-A-Cake Polka – a short dance with easy clapping

Riverside Jig – I change the figures in this all the time! Stars, circles, lines forward and back, top 4 charge down the middle!

Virginia Reel – works in a big longways set, but smaller sets allow more time for the cast (the trickiest move)

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